7 ideas
to gain new clients for your beauty salon.

What promotional activities in a beauty salon work best? How to boost sales in an aesthetic medicine institute? How to attract the interest of new Customers with the services? We are inviting you to take advantage of our short guide with some examples and try some proven ideas!

1. Happy Month

Restaurants have their happy hours during which they serve the dishes at special prizes. Then why not extend the happy hours for the whole month? Think what treatments will the Customers seek in a given period of time and prepare unique promotional activities in your salon every month! Hair-removal with a 15% discount, £50 less on mesotherapy, henna & wax for £30? Cyclical actions have one more advantage – they make the Customers develop a habit so they come back more willingly to find out what’s new this month.

An exemplary post concerning the Happy Month. Remember to use clear Call to Action!

2. Free consultations – efficient promotional activities in a beauty salon!

Skin condition analysis, consultancy regarding aesthetic medicine, free complexion examination. Choose a proper day (the weekend is better than working days) and invite new people to try out your services under the slogan of Healthy/Beauty Saturday. You may also offer a treatment plan or the purchase of professional cosmetics, targeted at the Patient’s needs during such consultation.

Build your image of an expert during free consultations and examinations.

3. An evening with a cosmetics brand

A glass of wine, tasty snacks, professionals willing to share their knowledge and the possibility of taking part in a relaxing treatment. Can one imagine a more pleasant evening? You may invite the distributors of cosmetic brands which you use in your salon to cooperate, and grant honorary invitations to your regular customers (you should add that the invitation is also valid for their friends). Such evening will not only be a great chance of promotion, yet a pleasant change proving a motivational boost.

The distributors of brands willingly participate in thematic meetings. You shall remember though to prepare a detailed cooperation offer, including the benefits for the brand.


4. Make-over

A competition with a make-over as the main prize is not an easy task to do, but do not get discouraged right at the beginning! There are people around you for whom the cooperation on such a project will be a nice adventure and the possibility to show their services. Who can you invite to implement the project then? Find a photographer in your area (who will record the entire process and make a photo session for the participant), a dietician (who will make sure that the internal transformation is accompanied by the external one), a gym or a dance school, a local brand or a fashion shop. Prepare the program of the action and its requirements. Share the event on Facebook and invite as many people as possible. Do not forget to inform the local media. They will find such topic interesting for sure, and they might even take the event under the patronage.

The preparation of a promotional action with the make-over is time-consuming and requires engagement. However, such events are very popular, not only among the Customers, but also among local media.

5. Seasonal packages

The beginning of a new season is always a time of an increased interest in beauty services, so use it! Prepare some packages containing various procedures from your offer and let your Customers rediscover your salon. Spring SOS for your skin, that is a package of moisturising treatments at a great price, Summer Smooth Skin preparing your body for a bikini season, Autumn Regeneration including exfoliation and deeply moisturising treatments. Winter Relax providing good mood and enabling to break from the overwhelming greyness are just a few suggestions. Review your offer and create your packages.


Seasonal packages are a perfect idea for making the Customers interested in less popular treatments from your offer.

6. Open Day

Lubimy wiedzieć co dzieje się „za kulisami” naszych ulubionych marek, dlatego daj swoim

We like to know what is going on „behind the scenes” of our favourite brands. That is why you should provide your Customers with such an opportunity! Prepare the demonstration of a treatment, snacks, presentation of the cosmetic brand, small gifts for every person who visits you. On that day you may find yourself involved in less formal talks and show that there are really nice people in your team.

P.S. do not forget to show the story (coverage) of that day on your fan page!

The Open Day will help you get to know your Customers and their expectations better.

7. Recommendations game

The most loyal Customers buy the most. That is why it is worth to implement even the easiest bonus system for your regular Clients.

Treatment for two; invite 5 friends for a manicure and get yours for free; 1% discount for every newly recommended customer – there are many ways for making recommendations. Choose the one which will work best for your Customers. You shall only remember that the recommendation is just the first step. Will your new Customer stay with you – that only depends on you!

And what are your ideas for promotional actions in your salon?


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