How to run
a fanpage for beauty salon?

Social media has become an integral part of marketing in the beauty industry. It is also a very effective sales tool. How to manage a fan page of a cosmetic salon? Start with some basic principles included in this post!

1. Translate from „cosmetician” to English

Leave your professional language for the conferences, materials on your company website or talks with your colleagues. At the fan page of a cosmetic salon try to describe what the treatments are about in an illustrative way, use comparisons and references. Remember that your fan page will be visited by people who had already undertaken some cosmetic treatments, yet also people who decide on their first-ever therapy and may get lost in the maze of professional terms. Focus on the results they may obtain and how their life may change thanks to that.


2. Take care of some beautiful pictures

The attention to beauty is an integral part of every beautician, cosmetologist or aesthetic medicine doctor’s work. That is why, with a great surprise do I visit the fanpages of the salons with blurry photos which totally discourage from using their services. And yet in the era of smartphones, taking a good picture is not a problem. At the start it is enough to set the camera on a portrait mode, find good lighting (preferably daylight or invest in a small lamp), improve the white balance and the colouring with one of the mobile applications for editing, e.g. Instagram, Snapseed or VSCO. When it comes to the photos of interiors or a team, bet on a professional photoshoot prepared by a good photographer. You will then use beautiful photos on your website, in social media and in printed materials. Such an investment will pay back sooner than you think!

A photo before and after editing in Snapseed.

3. Build a coherent image through language, colours and graphics. Coherence is one of the grounds of image building in social media. The selection of fonts, preparation of colour palette and templates of posts will take you a few hours in the beginning but it will save you a few hundreds of hours during planning and publishing of posts. You should also choose the tone of communication (official vs. unofficial) and stick to it consequently.


4. Do not treat a fanpage of a cosmetic salon as an advertising column

The golden rule says 70-20-10, where:
– 70% –  original, interesting content (not necessarily) connected with your field of expertise, arousing positive emotions (e.g. the results before/after, the introduction of the team, backstage company life, cosmetic advice, information on interesting events in the area, motivational quotations),
– 20% –  valuables shares – trends, content connected with your field of expertise shared from profiles of e.g. your partners, brands that you cooperate with or customers’ accounts (after having obtained the permission, of course),
– only 10% of the content on your fanpage is the space for the promotion of the treatments, discounts, new equipment.

The fanpage prepared in such a way will give you the interest of  your clients and increase their frequent visits. How often should you publish the posts? 2-3 times a week enables to stay up-to-date and does not create the impression that we flood the walls of our fans. Do you lack the idea for a new post? Don’t worry, it’s better to post info less often, yet with valuable entries than to fill the schedule of posts with contents about cats and coming Fridays.

5. Be present, react!

There is nothing worse for the business than a fanpage of a cosmetic salon, where the last post was shared 3 months ago, and there is no answer to the questions of the fans. Setting up a page on Facebook, remember that it requires time and responsibility. Before making the decision on the treatment, the Customers visit the fan page in order to search the most current information and they judge your business. The way your webpage is hosted may result in getting a new Customer or losing him/her completely. Therefore, answer all comments (a smiling emoticon is enough) and set an automatic answer which will inform the Fan that you will answer his/her message as soon as possible. You shall also be active on Facebook local and branch groups.

6. Remember about the budget.

Social media is still a relatively cheap advertising medium, yet not surely costless. Even if you undertake your activities in social media without the help of an agency or a graphic designer, you must certainly assume a certain amount for the promotion of your posts or the likes of new users. How to determine it? Check the advertising manager, set proper options of the target group and check how many people you can reach for £100, £200 or £300 a month.


7. Plan and monitor.

Use the planning function and share posts on different days and times, check who is in your group of Fans, what content is the most popular and ask your public what posts are the most valuable for them. Consider the seasons, public holidays and special occasions (wedding season, New Year’s Eve parties, etc.) in your communication. This knowledge will enable you to raise the engagement of your Fans.


Your Facebook page is the “face” of your business, it is worth taking care of it, just as you care about the beauty of your customers!