Podcast Marketing Guide

All the podcast marketing basics & tips you need to know in one place! Podcast Marketing Guide is a perfect resource for beginner-to-advanced podcasters looking to promote their audioshows and reach new audiences.

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Podcast Marketing Guide

This e-book helps podcasters to successfully
reach new audiences
using my knowledge,
expertise and experience.

Save your time

Podcast Marketing Guide teaches you all leading strategies for social media, content, e-mail and digital marketing of your audio show! With this info, you’ll be able to get your audience’s attention and make them want to connect with you. Down the road, that means more downloads and leads. You do not need to watch endless reels of marketing gurus or spend your time trying to figure out which marketing tip will work in podcasting. All you really need to know now is in one place!

Save your money

This guide is an easy-to-digest and reliable reference for all aspects of podcast marketing, with sincere and honest recommendations of podcasting tools and services that are actually worth paying. Basically, I spent my money so you do not have to! 

Save your hustle

This guide answers frequently asked questions about podcast marketing and helps your voice to be heard. This is a book I wish to receive when I launched my podcast. It would prevent me from making many mistakes, wasting money on services I did not need, wasting time on using tips that are useless in podcasting and feeling burnt-out because of no response from the listeners. 

Hi, my name is Judy!

I am a marketer with 10 years of experience. From the very beginning of my career I work with businesses to increase their visibility and sell in social media. I have created content for different platforms and different industries. Two years ago I started my first podcast and totally fell in love with this incredibly powerful and intimate medium. From the very beginning I tried to reach new audiences, tested different marketing strategies and tools to learn what may be applied into podcasting and work well. In March I launched a second podcast on sex education for parents and it reached almost 10K downloads in 30 days. On the way, I met wonderful podcasters and helped them with their podcast launching & promotion. I love podcasting and how it creates a unique bond between creators and listeners. If you are looking for no-nonsense marketing strategy for your podcast, here I am! I’ll help you bring your online presence to the new level with my podcast marketing e-books that include carefully selected and tested knowledge and tips. 

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